About Globetrotting Girl

About Globetrotting Girl


Hi there!

I am Nadia. I am a travel blogger and photojournalist who writes about blissful and gorgeous places, meaningful travel experiences, interesting travel notes, stories, and thought-provoking ideas from my travels around  the world.

Since childhood and ever since I can remember myself, travel has been an important and meaningful part of my life. It has opened and introduced me to a whole new world out there, an amazing world full of diverse cultures, melodic languages and different countries, and provided many interesting opportunities along the way. It also inspired me to study English, Italian and Spanish at the University and get degrees in International Studies and Modern Languages. In a way, this blog provides an excellent opportunity to connect my interest in different cultures and languages, my love for Art, photography, travel, writing and my genuine curiosity about the world into something meaningful and important for myself and every individual genuinely interested in other cultures, languages and travel. An opportunity to connect the world through Art, Beauty, Bliss, Creativity, Love, Nature, Photography, Writing and Travel.


Liberty, Peace, Love, Bliss…


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  1. Lucy C says: Reply

    Hey Globetrotting Girl,
    Havent seen you for decades..lets meet up soon…:)
    It seems something to celebrate that your wish to travel comes true..

    miss u…

    1. Nadia says: Reply

      Hey Lucy,
      It is so nice to hear from you. Thank you for your support, it is very kind of you. Hope, you are also doing great, and all your dreams are coming true.
      We should get together some time.


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