My Jacksonville


My Jacksonville

When people envision Florida, they think of sunny beaches and Disney Land. However, to many people who live in the Sunshine State, it is more than that.

Northeast Florida will surprise you with many tourist attractions that you are sure to remember. I would like you to explore Jacksonville, which is known for being the largest city in the continental United States. It has the youngest population in Florida, which is often thought of as a “retirement state.” If you are an “outdoorsy” person, Jacksonville is a place to visit! Jacksonville is a very green city in terms that there is a very large park system within the city. There is a number of natural preserves and nature trails where one can enjoy camping, kayaking down a small creek, or simply bicycling.

I enjoy Jacksonville downtown at night. Every Wednesday, an Art Walk has become a famous attraction among the natives. Local artists present their creations. Visitors can simply explore interesting paintings and crafts, or they can purchase their favorite pieces.  After the Art Walk, many people go out for drinks in the nearby cafes or pubs and enjoy the beauty of the downtown skyline.

Jacksonville is famous for its museums. The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens is my favorite. It is located in the downtown on the bank of the St. John’s River. This museum has the most magnificent garden. Guests can sit down in the garden with their painting or drawing supplies and enjoy a peaceful time sketching or painting their favorite part of the gardens. This museum offers a variety of programs both for free and for a fee. The museum also offers permanent as well as changing exhibits. The permanent exhibit contains Etruscan, Roman, Greek, Medieval and Renaissance Art, Baroque, European and American art pieces. I enjoy spending an afternoon there.

One of the great attractions is Jacksonville Zoo, which is soon to be 100 years old. It will surprise any tourist with more than 2,000 rare and exotic animals as well as 1,000 different types of plant life.

Jacksonville is a fantastic place to visit, if not for the museums and art, then simply for the beautiful beaches that are famous for good surf and seashells.

Come visit Jacksonville!

by Irene, a Jacksonville local

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  1. Nadia says: Reply

    Thank you for this interesting article. I have never been to Jacksonville, but it does sound like it has something to offer. I sure hope to see it someday!

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      I am honored that you would like to use the same theme, which is Simple Theme, by the way. I also look around the web for inspirations, but prefer to be authentic in the end. Wish you all the best with your site!

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