Gift of Italy

“In Music, Art, Poetry and mythology and folktales, Italians have always been in love with Love. The Greeks called her Aphrodite, but the Romans gave us Venus, the goddess of Love” Today is my name day and I happen to share this celebratory occasion with many females whose names and their variations mean Faith, Hope […]

Funny Things I Heard During My Travels

From New York to Vancouver, along Pacific coast, Baja to Riviera Maya, Cusco to celebrations of Sun civilization, and welcome to New York! Discovering, traveling, writing, blogging, photographing and experiencing the world… These have been amazing few months of travels, and with so many blissful and gorgeous places visited, experienced and celebrated along the way, there […]

It is All about Details and Color in Catalina

Ever since I visited California during my cross-country road trip last year, traveled along amazing California’s Route One and found many reasons to smile in Carmel to the very first moment I experienced majesty of its blissfully gorgeous evenings, California impressed me with its undeniable beauty and diversity of its coast, nature and culture. Catalina was one […]