“What is your area of expertise?” is not the question we hear that often these days, besides, probably, a job interview or an educational setting, but may be, we should ask it more often ourselves. Besides, in the age of polarization and finger pointing, who gets to decide what’s true? If only it was as easy as “the truth is the truth”, “veritas is veritas”, and education matters.

Professional doctors and lawyers display their diplomas and credentials, university professors and teachers probably value more the area of expertise and years of experience in general. International travelers sometimes mention the number of countries and regions they have visited, or the languages they speak. Besides official certificates, tour guides can probably talk passionately for hours about the tour and impress with random peculiar details regular travelers would not know about. It is all about knowledge, and what is more valued.

These questions you can answer yourself…

International Studies and Modern languages.

Many of us grew up reading books and watching movies and shows about far away places, but nothing compares to actually traveling and experiencing these far away places ourselves. Especially if it is something as “exotic” as archaeology, mountain hiking, cultural festivals and pristine nature many travelers haven’t even heard about. If you only follow mainstream media which somehow tends to concentrate on the negative aspects of “other places”, and in a way perpetuate the “fear of the other”, and then you arrive at the festival or faraway islands, and talk to international travelers and representatives of indigenous tribes. All of a sudden you get to hear what traditions, culture, music and dancing mean to them personally, and why it is so important for them to participate in this kind of cultural exchange programs and festivals that celebrate and appreciate their culture, language and traditions, and let them share their knowledge and joy with other travelers and tribes. Something we should aspire to do more often nowadays.

And sometimes lounging somewhere in the mountains or even the islands does wonders for our hearts and souls.

As someone who has traveled extensively and lived in many places across the world, as a global citizen and also Eastern European, I understand that it is very important to acknowledge every part of our identity, but also acknowledge all those different paths we can choose to take: education, career, volunteering, family, hobbies, travels, etc.

During my world travels and numerous visits to nature reserves and national parks, I’ve seen many different approaches taken to protect and preserve environment and natural habitats. I guess it is all about our understanding of what’s important, what’s negotiable and what shouldn’t be for sale. What works and what doesn’t. And then overtime results speak for themselves, especially when you see these places thrive and make a difference for many travelers and locals alike.

Understandably, everyone is different. Everyone’s dreams are different, and to think otherwise would be unwise and naive. Hopefully, it motivates you to think positively, to do what you do with dedication and passion, share your story, celebrate your accomplishments and acknowledge others’ personal success stories.

Enjoy your travels,



All opinions and experiences are, as always, my own.

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