What Dreams are Made of

“Sabbaticals can give people an invaluable opportunity to rest and reflect on their identity beyond their job.” – Joe Pinsker, The Atlantic

What do I start writing about after a partial break from the internet and social media? Places I’ve been to? All the sights that I’ve seen? Or do I write about how fortunate I am to travel and experience these places in the first place?

And in reality, I never really did. Still somehow synchronizing words and sentences as if trying to write a form of a song or an essay. In my mind creating a kaleidoscope of images and ideas, and then writing them down. A creative process of scribbling away my thoughts and feelings into words and sentences, upon pages and pages of paper and random receipts, as if trying to piece together some kind of a puzzle of different words and meanings. Trying to make sense of it all and at the same time creating a form of magic through story telling, photography and writing.

Writing essays as a form of a song, or a song as a form of an essay? Well, songs might be easier to write than essays, but then again how many essays are being chanted by crowds in unison at stadiums?

With much of the world closed off during pandemic, it was a blessing in disguise for many. To think of what’s important, and to be there, and show up for people and things that matter.

It’s hard to describe what these pandemic years felt like in a few words or even a few sentences. 2020 was more than a “bummer” for many people, and I doubt anyone was excited about all the social distancing, hand washing, mask wearing, lounging and “internet couch surfing”, and what not made this time crazy enough to remember by. Some feel like 2020 was just dragging it’s feet, it’s cat’s tail, or whatever dragging was all about. Staycations, loungewear, board games, books, snacks, screen time… it’s hard to say what better sums it all up.

Needless to say there’s never been a greater opportunity to digitally unplug from what seems to be as a “bleak streak” in the world. Whatever you call it: health consciousness, social anxiety, mental health or just trying to stay sane in what could only be described as a prolonged pandemic, and then war and violence in Europe, of all places!, places many of us call Home.

I don’t know who said it first: “Be kind” and “Save your drama for a drama club”, but they were definitely onto something. And it looks like we all need more rationality and positivity in our lives, something most people are looking forward to anyways. Very recommended, especially for relaxing vacations and staycations.

If you ever wondered what it’s like to go on a “digital detox”, well, it’s kind of like life circa pre-internet and social media days, so it’s definitely easier to be present, log-off, especially for “older generations”, and enjoy life in real time. Apparently, the first steps are the hardest. Suddenly, there is enough time for thinking, and reading, and daydreaming, and even fun times.

Thinking of all those things I never had enough time to think about.

Whose dreams are more important? Those of an artist, a writer or any creative for that matter and a natural pursuit of creative aspirations? Who dare to be themselves? An artistic expression of who we are, and our hopes and talents, as a way of creating beauty and wonder. Or society’s expectations of us, or more particularly women? And its need to define us and put some kind of stickers and labels.

In a society where we are often told what to think and do, forging our own path, or even attempting it, is almost seen as a dare, like braving some kind of wilderness. Or more like a jungle.

As kids we often have dreams… dreams of realizing our potentials and talents, dreams of vacations and travels, dreams of home and comfort, or whatever those dreams might be. And still, somehow it’s easy to loose that childhood sense of magic and wonder, get off a comfortable coach and actually take those first steps towards your dreams and present.

As a little girl, I often laid out a world map on the floor, looking at all those unknown places and memorizing names of the countries, capitals, towns and parks I wanted to visit and experience one day. I guess I could say geography was one of my favorite subjects ) Far away lands don’t seem that far once you get here, and sometimes dreams do come true. One day you pack up, and travel, and eventually step off a plane or a ferry. And might be even fortunate enough to see:

“Love the life you live, live the life you love.”

P.S. This is Hoverla Mountain, the highest point in Ukraine, for those interested. It takes the whole day, and you actually have to hike up, but aren’t these nature views worth it? And what is like to do your own hiking… I guess only the people who have actually done it, understand it better than anyone else ✌🏻


Enjoy your travels,



All opinions and experiences are, as always, my own.

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