Who is Amaru?

Who is Amaru?

If you read and support my journey on www.globetrottinggirl.com and Instagram (@Globetrotting_Girl), you would know about Independent thinkers, Inspiration and Creation of the Universe in Teotihuacan, City of Gods, Sun, Moon and the Importance of Balance, Sacred Cerro La Raya, Protectors of People and Amaru 🙂

Teotihuacan with Temples of the Sun and the Moon stands out from all the places I visited during my travels. Besides the belief that this is the City of Gods where the Sun, the Moon, the Universe and the Gods were created, this is one of the most remarkable, important and influential civilizations of its time. It greatly distinguished from others for being so much ahead of its time, its uniqueness and mysterious culture. No wonder the grand buildings of Teotihuacan are in accordance with celestial movements, significance and balance. It predated Aztecs and Maya by centuries, was very respected by them, considered as a Sacred Place, and one of the reasons it is greatly preserved through the centuries. 

So who is Amaru?

Ancient Peruvians believed in different Gods associated with the Earth, the Sky, the Sea, the Stars, the Mountains, etc. with Pantheon of Gods comprising Underword, Our World and Upper World. Each of these worlds was represented by an animal: bird, feline and serpent, with the same importance and hierarchy. They also believed that there was a mythical God Amaru who represented all worlds (Underworld, Our World and Upper World) and had features and powers of all worlds: a fantastic serpent who could fly and had feline features. Basically, all Super God!

This is how I call all of us who belong to different worlds at the same time, think independently, speak languages of Nature, know that Truth has natural colors and believe in Humanity.

Travel makes it easy to understand that there are distinct worlds, civilizations, cultures and languages. It also makes it easy to comprehend that there are those of us who transcend these civilizations, countries, cultures and dogmas. Just as Amaru, we belong to different worlds at the same time. We lived, studied and worked in quite a few places in the world. More often than not we think and speak several languages and love our native language and country not less, and maybe, even more. We hold legions to Humanity as a Whole, we Respect Global Equal Rights and Honor the Whole World as Our Sacred Home, Our Temple. If you are Amaru, my Soul Honors your Soul, and Honor Code of Depth and Humanity!

Amarus of the world unite! World needs you and your vision of the world!

Who is Amaru?

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

Over to you. Are you an Independent thinker? Are you Amaru? What is your vision of Humanity?

*Dedicated to Every Individual, Independent Thinker and Amaru!


All opinions and experiences are, as always, my own.

Liberty. Peace. Love. Bliss…


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