Is Education Worth It Nowadays?

Is Education Worth It Nowadays?

Is education worth it nowadays?

Especially in the world that seems to be more preoccupied with status quo, looks, memes, celebrity and superficial concepts than real accomplishments and achievements. At least recently and this is what it seems like on the surface. Superficial ideas of success and a material component and aspect of it.

While the value of college education continues to be questioned and reexamined in the “real” world, students have a choice to make: between student loans, lackluster job market, unpaid internships and entry-level positions oftentimes suitable enough for high school diplomas. Not exactly the bright future they talk about when trying to sign you up for University ) Or that million dollars that on average graduate students make more to sign you up for a graduate school? Has anyone made it, btw? May be, for that you can become an actor, a singer or a model, and I don’t think you need an advanced University degree for it )

I know I didn’t pursue my majors for those millions, I made the choice with my heart. I chose what I really wanted to study and topics and subjects I cared about and was really interested in. International Studies and Modern Languages. Not exactly the majors you can easily make millions of, especially if not graduating from an Ivy League University and having connections )

They say education can help prepare students for a future in the interconnected and global world. Can it though? And does it?

I realize that I am not a typical “Soviet”. I have traveled the world ever since I can remember myself, lived most of my adult life abroad, obtained two degrees from an American University, have traveled the world for almost a year independently, as in me, myself, and I and my suitcases ), speak a few European languages and write in English.

No wonder why I cannot emphasize enough the value of education, at least Western education. If not for those millions, but for other benefits and perks that come with it. Knowledge, reasoning, questioning and independent thinking. At least it was for me.

Or, may be, it is those Liberal Arts majors, that many people like to disregard as irrelevant, when in reality they offer more than just words “Liberal” and “Arts” in them.

I did not graduate from an Ivy League University, nevertheless, it doesn’t make it less important, meaningful and valuable, at least to me. I was fortunate enough to have had qualified professors who were passionate about their area of studies and actually cared about what they do. Who also encouraged us to think, to reason and to ask questions.

I majored in International Studies, and no wonder why it was one of my favorite subjects, besides Italian, obviously. And outstanding professors who with their stories from travels around the world, questions, discussions, essays and reading assignments made subject matters and classes as interesting, informative, interactional, thought-provoking, worth-while and even entertaining as could be. With many important and relevant topics, ranging from globalization, Equal Rights and animal rights, environmental and social issues, sustainability to what is considered natural and organic.

Education is, may be, one of the reasons I don’t know what the heck Pokemon is and some other trivia and populist nonsense alla “fifty shades of grey”. Honestly, don’t care and I don’t need to. And it would be interesting to know their demographics. Probably, those who you know cheated through every test in school, does it really count then? )

And I am sure future generations won’t either. Or at least in the world where there is knowledge, education, art and culture, won’t care about it for sure.


Do you think education is worth it nowadays?


All opinions and experiences are, as always, my own.

Liberty, Peace, Love, Bliss…


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  1. Confermo. Sono d’accordo con tutto quanto sopra-ha detto.

    1. Grazie. Sono molto contenta, sopratutto con i lettori italiani V

      P.S. E’ un soprannome italiano? Molto interessante ))

  2. Appreciating the dedication you put into your blog and in depth information you provide. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed information. Fantastic read!

    1. Thanks, this travel blog has definitely very unique and one-of-a-kind articles and content… I guess for those who actually appreciate it ))

  3. Amusing question

    1. Is it? Have you seen much profit on your investment? Assuming it is a real education, as in studies, attended classes, time, participation, extracurricular activities and all lol

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