Funny Things I Heard During My Travels

From New York to Vancouver, along Pacific coast, Baja to Riviera Maya, Cusco to celebrations of Sun civilization, and welcome to New York! Discovering, traveling, writing, blogging, photographing and experiencing the world… These have been amazing few months of travels, and with so many blissful and gorgeous places visited, experienced and celebrated along the way, there were many travel notes written along the way also.

Travel writers and bloggers write sometimes about what they hear and funny assumptions about what it is exactly that they do. So here are a few assumptions I heard about travelers/travel writers/bloggers, some of the remarks that made me smile, and a few travel notes I made along the way.


Funny Things I Heard During My Travels

“What time is it?”

In the words of the great Russian writer, content people don’t ask about time. Especially if I have my own watch and phone. If I wanted to start a meaningful and interesting conversation, I would ask you something else.

“We don’t have wi-fi. Talk to each other.”

As a traveler, travel writer/blogger, I have hotels to book, information to look up, places to write and blog about, posts to be made. Sometimes the only reason I am here, is because I need wi-fi. It only makes it better if you have quality choices and great coffee. And I will be glad to chat with you about places to visit, your personal recommendations and your city/town/local. It is always great to know a local perspective, and share my own. And if I really like the place, I might blog about it or mention it on my social media, and I need wi-fi in order to be able to do it.

“What is a travel writer/blogger?”

I am a travel writer: I travel, and experience, and write, and blog, and share these meaningful and important experiences with those who care. With those who are in love and passionate about this world as much as I do. Those like-minded individuals with similar interests, passions and love. YOU.

“You have Masters in Modern Languages”

I wish I could say I were fluent in Spanish, but I don’t read or write it, and understand only a general meaning. I could easily proclaim myself a Genius after these words and speaking Spanish only a couple of months in my life. Italian and Spanish, not the same. Neither is French. If I make an effort to learn and communicate with you in your language, you could also make an effort to be respectful. By the way, I also write about advantages of knowing foreign languages and different tips for learning a foreign language. You can also be a Genius.

“You spend too much time on your computer”

Really?! If you read this article or any other on my blog, explore and discover gorgeous and blissful places in the world with the help of my writing and photography, support me on social media, Instagram (@Globetrotting_Girl) or any project I am interested in, this is how I do it. On my computer.

“So you travel the world, I saw your blog…”

Yes, I travel the world. I also write, and edit, and photograph and blog about places I visited and experienced during my travels. You can read about these gorgeous and blissful places on my blog, and hopefully, discover and experience them for yourself also. After all, the whole world is there for us to explore, to experience, to cherish and call it My Home. You are welcome!

“It must be nice to be on vacation”

Yes, it must be. By the way, what is your idea of a vacation?

“So what do you write about?”

I write about travel, and world, and places, and love, and bliss… and all those gorgeous and blissful experiences and places that mean something to me. However, any writer and blogger would appreciate it if you cared enough about their writing to uncover it for yourself. Mine is at, you are welcome to read, comment and experience the world through my eyes and writing. Your comments and support on my blog and social media are very appreciated!

“I’d love to have your job and travel the world”

I live what I love and love what I do, and hopefully inspire someone else to do the same, just like so many of you inspired me also. And I wish I could say it were that easy and effortless in making it become reality for me. Reality of living the life that I love.

“You must be rich”

Yes, I must be. Having millions or even billions of dollars would definitely be great ))

“Do you know where this or that is?”

And do you know where the Universe was created? Where the City of Gods is? Sacred Mountain? Majestic Machu Picchu? Blissfully gorgeous paradise Playa del Amor? Grand Temples of the Sun and the Moon? Magical place of flowers? Symbol of Liberty? Amaru? People Protectors? Lions greet me, dolphins talk to me, even the cat healed me. The whole Universe is on my side. You are welcome to join me ))


So these are some of the funny things I heard during my travels. And what are some of the funny things you heard? Share them in the comments.


All opinions and experiences are, as always, my own. 

Liberty, Peace, Love, Bliss…


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  3. I absolutely love this post, it was so well written!

    1. Thank you, I guess it is even funnier and ironic knowing the situation when these remarks were made ))
      Wishing you much success with your blog!

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