Kindle: New World of Reading

Kindle: New World of Reading

Reading has always been an important, meaningful and joyful part of my life. From the very first moment I learned how to read (very early, and I have my Mom to thank for it!), reading has introduced me to a whole new world out there. The world of imagination, possibilities and creativity, where every book has a world of its own.

I love visiting libraries and bookstores, especially during my travels. Wander between the isles of books in the unknown town or city, notice familiar titles, randomly open and read a few pages or discover new books I would like to read some day. Or wander in a charming used bookstore, find something interesting, something that looks like a piece of history and start reading.

To tell the truth, although I love reading, sometimes it is hard to keep up with it, especially during travels, while there is a whole new world out there to be explored and discovered, and all the sights to be seen. During my travels in New Haven, Connecticut I have visited more bookstores or charming cafes with books than in a few months of my travels from Vancouver to New York. Considering the amount of reading I was doing previously, during graduate school and on my own, this was my way of jumpstarting something I love. Reading.

Kindle: New World of Reading

While I was exploring Yale Art Gallery, there it was Gutenberg Bible, regarded as one of the handsomest books ever produced and the first book printed from moveable type in the Western world. Dated 1454, there are only 21 complete volume sets known in the world, serving as my personal remainder of what reading has always meant for me. The world. There I was looking at it, trying to read it, guessing its letters, drawings, meanings and words. So content to be able to recognize and understand even a few words or parts of the sentence. Recognize and understand a very meaningful part of history.

Kindle: New World of Reading

The world of reading is an amazing world to experience, and it is even better to be and feel part of history. Just as the Gutenberg Bible revolutionized the world of printing and reading, so did Kindle by revolutionizing and creating a new world of digital reading. New world of reading of its own. And as I am on my journey to start reading again, here are a few reasons why I prefer Kindle.

What is great about Kindle?

Compact and Convenient. As a frequent traveler, I know that suitcase packing space is usually limited, and I personally would rather use one reading device that has my favorites, new books and samples of the books I would like to read in the future. No need to carry bulky paper books in your luggage )

Sync. Kindle app could be downloaded to your other mobile devices, such as phone or a tablet, and sync to the furthest page read, so you can switch between devices whichever is more convenient for you at the moment. Although I personally prefer Kindle, since it is better for your eyes.

Choice. With millions of titles to choose from, Kindle has a massive selection, from best-sellers, different genres, magazines to newspapers, available in Kindle version also. Most importantly, you can download and read a sample of the book before you decide to purchase it, and a definite bonus – many classics are available for free!

Languages. As someone who speaks several languages and believes in reading books in their original language, this feature is very important for me. Although I have been reading books in Italian and English, I was pleasantly surprised to finally see Russian books available on Kindle also. And it looks like they’ll be adding more languages in the near future.

Built-in vocabulary. As a non-native speaker and reader, quite often I come across unfamiliar words and expressions, so having a built-in dictionary is a must!, and definitely very useful for me.

Battery life. Have I mentioned its incredible battery life also? It does last quite awhile and depends on the amount of reading you are doing. I would say it’s very convenient for someone who travels a lot, or on the go, and doesn’t necessarily have an instant access to an outlet or a charger.

Price. Kindle is quite affordable with prices ranging from $80 – $290, depending on the model you choose, and your desired bells and whistles (from regular Kindle to loaded Kindle Voyager). And think of all the money you’ll be saving, with lower Kindle version book prices. A great plus for someone who loves reading and reads a lot )

Do you love reading? And how do you keep up with reading, especially during travels?


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All opinions and experiences are, as always, my own.

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