Let’s Stand for Each Other, for All of Us, Together

Is Education Worth It Nowadays?

Today, just like many people across the world, I watched the world react to US elections. From “Greetings from Canada, the land of the brave and free!”, “What Happened on Election Day”, “Which country in the world is everyone-friendly and the most peaceful” to “Let’s Hope for Humanity”. Or is it a liberal bubble? Within hours bloggers already posting articles about “How to move to….(insert your It country here)”, and many interested enough in it for Canadian immigration site crashing even on the night of the elections. At least, someone is interested in Equal Rights )

As I watched over the last few months, front pages of newspapers and sites dominated by divisive rhetoric, name calling, shows, celebrities, who gets the throne updates, appearances and other nonsense, I also saw some of the most important environmental and social topics and issues get unnoticed and overlooked. And yes, I mean which candidate stands for what info, Equal Rights movement, refuge crisis, Aleppo, Paris Climate Agreement and Dakota Access Pipeline. And these are just to name a few.

I have nothing against the front page headliners, and I am sure they are great and charitable people, but their millions and appearances are not plausible enough reasons for the front page, at least to me. May be, they can use some privacy for a change, and some of them will definitely agree with it. Also, I personally don’t know what the heck is a Pokemon, and other trivia nonsense, and, honestly, I don’t care and I don’t need to.

Has any journalist/blogger/photographer/activist made it this big by caring about more meaningful and worthy topics and projects? For standing up for something other than herself/himself? Not to my knowledge and not in the last few months. Let me know, if any.

So this is what I would like to do today. I would like to open up my Everything Around the World Project for those who actually care and those who actually stand for something. It usually takes me a scavenger quest through many sites to find a worthy and interesting content, article and project. Because how many of us are for Progress and Evolution? And each and everyone of us counts and matters.

Do you have a great and worthy idea or a project that needs a platform to speak up? Is it eco-friendly? Is it Equal Rights related? Will it make the world a better place for all of us?

And the best part? It will cost you zilch, like nada.

I am not Facebook wealthy, and sure can use those $$, and is it in my authority and competence to start questioning and shaming major social media outlets and sites for forgoing the news that actually matter, especially during an election season, and asking for money in order to boost and promote content, especially a great content, and letting “buy into” followers and supporters. So call it for what it is, “buy your way to stardom” ) Will the next generations be proud of our century versions of Leonardo da Vinci and Brunelleschi? Does anyone even come to mind? Will the next generations ask us questions? Why didn’t we say something? Why didn’t we do something? Why didn’t we protect the planet and each other?

I am not sure how big of a platform EAWProject is, and isn’t anyone nowadays, especially on social media? But I can promise you this, if I have any supporters, they are all real.

Yes, Canada (or any It country) is a multilingual and multicultural country that, I hear, stands for Equal Rights, and everyone is friendly…. unless you decide to move there, then having those extra $$ makes it much easier and faster (Talk about Equal Rights! lol) How did it get to become like this though? Did they vote and did they stand up for it and each other?

So what do we do next? How do we get involved? How do we use our vote? What meaningful projects and causes do we choose to support?

Hoping is great, but it is not going to resolve and change anything for the better for all of us. How about we change it to “Let’s Speak Up, Let’s Celebrate Diversity and Our Planet, and Stand for Each Other, for All of Us, Together”!

Real Love Triumphs All, especially for those who choose it!


All opinions and experiences are, as always, my own.

Liberty. Peace. Love. Bliss.


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