Musings on Travel and World (via Internet)

Is Education Worth It Nowadays?

It feels a little bit different having more of a “normal” life after a few months of travels. Since I haven’t been traveling lately, reading news, articles, headlines and magazines has become a form of travel for me. After reading and scrolling through many articles on different topics, you name it, and a few other articles by “respectful people who know how to live my life” (Civil Liberties, anyone?! lol), I kind of wondered if there was more done and accomplished in the world and achieved in our personal and professional lives also, if we actually started doing something instead. Having thought about it, I did remember that I wrote a few similar articles myself, at least I stopped, and may be, mine were actually helpful, with sincere intentions )

And if only we put this much effort in writing and commenting about someone we actually like, admire and respect. After all, we do inspire more by our own actions, ideas and example. A Pinnacle level of a true Leader: someone who inspires and leads by his/her own authentic example. At least I think so personally.

Being in Europe definitely inspired me and what my Amaru Soul feels very strongly about, so my latest articles What it is to beThe Whole World is My HomeHow does it feel traveling as a female?, Travel, Nature and CelebrationLanguage of My Heart and Soul and World of Connections are dedicated to Liberty of Speech, Civil Liberties, Global Equal Rights, nature, travels and world, all the topics very important and meaningful to me.

At the same time, I started posting a few of the most important and meaningful articles (and musings of Dalai Lama), inspiration and projects which resonated with me the most (so far!) to my Everything Around the World Project on Pinterest. So get inspired and read on! And if you have any important and relevant suggestions, would be glad to connect and collaborate with fellow bloggers, journalists/photojournalists, activists and individuals on the issues and topics important and meaningful to me and you also.

So what’s my take away from traveling the world via Internet? On a less serious and funny note, since I am Amaru, Vitruvian and all )

Or My Musings on Travel and World (via Internet):

Oh, yes, the importance of mani-pedi and hair. Because what else is there to think and write about? Has any blogger/influencer actually made it this big or even bigger by caring about more important and meaningful issues and topics, like culture, languages, nature, world, Democracy, Civil Liberties and Equal Rights?

What are you wearing? Because why not, what else do I know? )

And don’t get me even started on the topics of authenticity, body positivity and weight, because even I got comments, suggestions and advice from people who should start with themselves first. Yes, inspire me by your own authentic and honest example ) I personally like, admire and respect everything authentic and real, and I actually have my Civil Liberties and rights to do so. Who else feels the same way? )

Is it me, or everyone became a life expert? I hope I can still consider myself a language expert. You know, education, knowledge, experience, personal example and all )

Relationship advice? Seriously, inspire me even more, especially on this one )

Productivity goals? I wonder if Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Mark Twain were writing these articles. Let me daydream about it while I think of the importance of independent thinking, or at least trying to solve mysteries, complexities and genius of nature, Codex Atlanticus and Flower of Life, etc., or come up with my own )

Millions and billions? Yes, there are those of us who actually value authenticity, integrity and honesty just as much as we do money. You know, crazy stuff like this. You can actually join us )

Articles about ice-cream and tacos, are they from the same people who write about mani-pedi? Who are you? At least identify yourself, your personal values, your goals, and what you stand for, so that we all know ) And you can read about Who is Amaru here.

I honestly don’t know what kind of world view a person can have based on internet, news, magazines and headlines. Assuming he/she at least reads multiple and different sources/news, preferably in several languages, and has a multi-dimensional vision of the world based on international education and travel also. Definitely a great question.

So how do I start my own Independent media?! ) Thanks in advance.


These are my Musings on Travel and World (via Internet), and what are yours?


All opinions and experiences are, as always, my own. 

Liberty. Peace. Love. Bliss.


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