The Whole World is My Home

The Whole World is My Home

“Home is not the place where you sleep, it is the place where you stand. Home is the place where you become yourself.” – Pico Iyer

“How many countries have you visited so far?” – this was the question I was asked rather often during my recent world travels. At first, I would start counting and say the approximate number, then I would say “I don’t know”, and Now I actually say “The whole world is My Home”.

Is travel about counting countries or is it about meaningful experiences? And world? Travel itself? And feeling at Home in the world?

Over the last few years, the more I traveled the more I realized how many more favorite cities and many more meaningful for me places I have in the world now. These places actually become important to me, it is so much better experiencing them in person, and many of these gorgeous and blissful places truly feel like Home

A funny thing happened to me during my recent USA travels. When I mentioned in a conversation that I was a travel blogger, I was asked if I have ever been to France and if I had any suggestions for the couple’s upcoming trip. I said “No” and started talking about something else, when all of a sudden I remembered that I actually visited Marseilles during my Mediterranean cruise a few years ago. Somehow France and Marseilles became a different concept to me, since it was a day trip, and most of the countries I traveled to recently were extensive cross-country travels.

From New York to amazing Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, Olympic Whistler to natural beauty of Vancouver Island, “moody” Seattle to interestingly corky Portland and Oregon natural wonders. Blissful Californian coast to gorgeously romantic Baja, and celebrating beautiful nature of Pacific coast along the way. Cultural and affectionate Mexico City and Renaissance Puebla. City of Gods and Balance of the Sun and the Moon in Teotihuacan, layers of civilizations at Grand Cholula, travels across the country and luxurious Riviera Maya. Gorgeous Playa del Carmen to sunny Cusco, Majestic Machu Picchu, picturesque Sacred Valley, across the country exploring civilizations, temples, dunes, lakes and places, celebrating Sun civilization. Finding my answers and becoming Amaru at the Pantheon of Gods in Cerro La Raya. Celebrating thought-provoking ideas in New York, a brilliant writer and extraordinary connections in Connecticut, accents, languages and multicultural identity in Acadia National Park in Maine and everything real (feelings, emotions, people, songs, partners, relationships) in Mount Monadnock. And then Europe!

Could I even consider them the same? My day trip to Marseilles as France or even day trips to Barcelona and Mallorca as Spain? And a couple of days in Vilnius as Lithuania?

In that short period of time I managed to visit a handful of countries in a single trip… And I could have visited even more, especially in Europe… Very impressive ))

So what is more impressive for me?

I actually started talking about travel bloggers who lived, studied, worked, traveled in Spain, France and Italy, write about them, speak the language, know the culture, have an international reference and could be most likely better, more knowledgeable and interesting advisors, experts, travel bloggers and writers. Especially when it comes to travel in these regions. The same travel bloggers who inspire me to travel the world and, in a way, become a better travel blogger and writer also.

This is how much I believe in collaboration and partnership.

Don’t get me wrong, if your dream is to travel and visit every country in the world, like Chris Guillebeau did, great, go for it! I actually think he was in Minsk at the same time I was, a few years ago, and I even saw, smiled and waved, without even knowing who he is… unless it was another very similar looking and smiley person, and there are not that many of them in Minsk ))

He was one of the first travel bloggers I was inspired by also and who introduced the idea of being able to travel and live what I truly love. Who introduced the Idea and Art of Non-Conformity as a valid life style option and choice. However, I also do recognize that travel for me is bit different. It is about a genuine connection and bliss of saying “Hi there, my favorite city…”


If you support me on Instagram (@Globetrotting_Girl), travel and experience the world and places with me, you already know about this place and experienced a little bit of it with me. Here are a few photos from my recent travels in my favorite city, where I celebrated beginning of this New Year.


Привет, любимый город! Привет, Москва! Hi there, my favorite city! Hi there, Moscow! 


The Whole World is My Home

‘Tis the season to be festive))

The Whole World is My Home

“Christmas Lights” Festival in Moscow and festively decorated city center 

And it is so much more vivid, colorful and bright, and better in person!

Festive decorations and all the lights

St.Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square

Oh what fun it is… lol

Magical winter wonderland

Besides being the capital of the country, Moscow is also a historic and cultural city with many amazing places and points of interest. These are Cathedrals of Kremlin.

Also Tretyakov Gallery with Great Russian artists. And, yes, I am citing Aleksandr Pushkin, one of the Greatest Russian poets. Humor definitely helps lol

It is about perspective…

Would be so much better in color ))

Fairy-tale ))

New Year Celebrations

С Новым годом! З Новым годам! Blissful New Year! Felice Anno Nuovo! Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Why do you travel? What do the world and travels mean to you?


All opinions and experiences are, as always, my own.

Liberty, Peace, Love, Bliss…


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  1. So nice photos and post 🙂
    I liked it 🙂

    1. Thanks, Saad, for your comment and support. I am glad you liked it, and hope it made you think also )) So what do travels and world mean to you?

  2. Merely wanna comment on few general things, The website design is perfect, the articles is very wonderful. «The stars are constantly shining, but often we do not see them until the dark hours.» by Earl Riney.

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion and perspective, really appreciated… always great to know what my readers are thinking ))

      May I suggest mine also though? How about less quotes, more original content and independent thinking… Much success and best wishes!

      Oh, Sun, what are you?

      The warmth, the breath, and Love,

      And Life itself…

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    1. Thanks for such an amazing and generous offer lol I am more interested in personal development, Renaissance and Enlightenment ))

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    1. Do all travel bloggers get these kind of excellent and eloquent comments? Or only the favorites ones and creme de la creme of travel blogging? lol

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    1. Thanks, is this what happens when the site goes mainstream? ))

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    1. Hey, thanks, glad to know that I have Russian-speaking readers and fans, although I write only in English. Would be interesting to know how you know about my travel blog: Google? Bloglovin’? Or just a fan of travel blogs? ))

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    1. Is this the most positive comment I got? Everyone is so brave, qualified and opinionated incognito/online lol Care to provide your own site, project, writing, photography or whatever you do?? And name? Always wondered who writes these kind of comments, and how adequate they are )) At least I am brave and real enough to write and comment from my name. And try traveling the world independently, and as a female )) You can check out my site and my Everything Around the World Project, all created from scratch. Also, sponsored, directed, planned, traveled, wrote, photographed, took notes, had fun, etc… All in One Master ))

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    1. Can you believe it? Made it all by myself and from scratch, some people actually do it lol

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    1. Dig your comment )) I don’t know if there is such a thing as an expert travel blogger… And do you need to be in a Professional League to claim this? This part of the world is not that advanced yet lol

      P.S. I am an Instagram kind of travel blogger for the summer, so you can follow along there. Thanks again for your “dig this” comment, don’t get that many positive comments here ))

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    1. Can I see your picture first before replying? And is there anything else you would like to ask a travel blogger and global traveler? ))

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