What Does It Mean To Be a Travel Blogger Today?


What does it mean to be a travel blogger today? Am I a travel blogger, anti-travel blogger or someone whose travel experiences align with personal values and talents? Is there even one definition of it all?

Is travel about me, my outfits and looks? Is it about the place itself and its sights? Or is it a little bit of both, and most importantly, our common interactions, experiences and connection? Equally and mutually exchanging energies and thoughts. Isn’t it when it actually becomes meaningful and important? The most essential ingredient of a true relationship? And why do I even think of it?

I have recently read an article “The Rise of the Anti-Travel Blogger and What to Expect” by Nikki Vargas, which resonated with me on many levels, and it did make me question and think of many things.

What is success? Can it be defined by the number of followers, supporters, fame and fortune? Or is it more about what kind of impact it has on others?

Especially nowadays, when it is common to receive emails, offers and messages about “how to buy your way to stardom”. Do I really want to be that travel blogger whose introduction starts with “she has …. million followers/supporters” or the one who actually inspires change? Whose blogging, writing, photography and articles, just like this one, make people think and wonder, and, may be, even question their own beliefs? Who brings to light the most important social issues that actually deserve our attention? And who can inspire the change so big that it can even build a bridge across the oceans?

Can I do all of this and still stay true to myself? Can I redefine it in my own way?

So what is at the top of Mount Everest for me? I am still to find out…

I am not really sure what exactly I was expecting at the top of Machu Picchu, and if I had any expectations whatsoever. One thing is for sure though, I was there as me. And every top of the mountain across the world. Let it be jeansing and winging Grouse Mountain (let me tell you, it is not that easy lol), wearing flowery shorts climbing dreams-come-true Machu Picchu, living Amaru spirit at the top of Cerro la Raya, celebrating multilingualism and a multicultural identity in Acadia and singing my heart out with Vysotsky all the way to the top of Mount Monadnock.

All as me. Also, it is true for every place in between.

And this is what I want. I want to continue to travel, experience the world and celebrate nature, humanity, and feelings, and emotions every step of the way and every step of my travel blogging/writing journey. All as authentic me.

What Does It Mean To Be a Travel Blogger Today?

Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, Canada

What Does It Mean To Be a Travel Blogger Today?

Machu Picchu, Peru

What Does It Mean To Be a Travel Blogger Today?

Living Amaru Spirit, Cerro La Raya, Tucume, Peru

What Does It Mean To Be a Travel Blogger Today?

Acadia National Park, Maine, USA

So what does it mean to be a travel blogger today? I am not here to define it for anyone, but myself. And isn’t it what true Liberty is all about?

How do I do it?

By speaking my mind, capturing the feeling of the moment, by pouring my heart and soul and sometimes even singing…. Singing symphony of nature, duet of minds and Symphony of the Universe.

Also, I like writing travel notes about important moments, random and funny conversations, which resonate with me the most, interesting interactions and thought-provoking ideas I have during travels. My Instagram and pictures are not perfect, and neither I want them to be. I try to stay away from filters, occasionally brightening a photo, (definitely a long way from my first posts lol), preferring to go for the authenticity and my feeling of the moment. I like their “imperfections and flaws”, sometimes in the most uncompromising ways, and it definitely adds a human aspect to it all. And there is for sure a lot of courage and integrity in staying true to yourself, speaking your mind, putting your thoughts and experiences out there, not caring much or that much about appearances and, most importantly, being acknowledged for something other than looks.

So what Does It Mean To be a Travel Blogger Today? 

What Does It Mean To Be a Travel Blogger Today?

Italian Courtyard, Lviv, or City of Lions, Ukraine


All opinions and experiences are, as always, my own. 

Liberty, Peace, Love, Bliss…


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