Celebrating my favorite Instagram posts

Celebrating my favorite Instagram posts

By on October 17, 2014

Ok, it took a little while to write this post. After the whole month of road tripping Florida and a little bit of Georgia (Atlanta and Savannah to be exact), I wanted to write something meaningful and important as the first post. With so many old and new places visited and many positive experiences along the way, it would seem so easy to write something, right? Especially important?

So I decided to start with something that is very important to me right now. And it is one of the most special moments for any world traveler and blogger out there. So here it is.

Over the summer I decided to take my travel blog to the next level and joined major social sites. By doing so, I discovered for myself a creative community of amazing and inspiring people who are just as passionate about the world, travel, writing, health (yoga, I missed you so!) and everything else around the world. The community that inspires, motivates and helps me always be and stay positive. #thankyou

While I am going to write a separate post on a very important to me (and, hopefully, YOU also) Pinterest project “Everything around the world”, I encourage you to read a little bit about it in my post Beauty of Choice, and I will actually appreciate your ideas, comments and suggestions. Positive feedback is always appreciated and welcome!

So today I am celebrating my favorite Instagram posts.

If you follow my Instagram account (@globetrotting_girl), you’ll notice many photos from my travels,  “to travel is …” and “live what you love/follow your bliss” moments and everything else around the world, as well as a few inspirational quotes to make days more positive and brighter. Hopefully, these posts will remind you how amazing, beautiful and colorful world is! And, may be, even inspire you to travel!

Celebrating my favorite Instagram posts

Hello, world!


What a beautiful and sunny day in St.Augustine!


Sun and gorgeous weather!


One of the live what you love and follow your bliss moments in Palm Beach


“Imagine all the people living life in peace… and the world will be as one”


I am on top of the world kind of moment in Grand Canyon!

Win at life!

Win at life!

Since I do not post here everyday, follow my Instagram account (@globetrotting_girl) for photos of beautiful places, travel bliss moments, travel inspiration and everything else around the world. Looking forward to your feedback, likes and comments.

Which Instagram posts are your favorite?

Peace. LOVE. Bliss.

Globetrotting Girl

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