Blissing among gorgeous flower fields in Carlsbad, California

By on May 3, 2015

Blissing among gorgeous flower fields in Carlsbad, California

For me, travel is not only about discovering new lands and rediscovering favorite places and cities around the world, it is also about experiencing nature and its beauty. Actually, nature is one of many reasons why I love traveling.

With many amazing and interesting places visited, discovered and explored during my travels around the world, there are some of them that definitely became very special to me. For beauty of their nature that is.

Starting from Vancouver, BC, I experienced so many gorgeous places and natural wonders, and celebrated beauty of nature of many amazing places I visited during my recent travels along Pacific coast. When I heard about flower fields in Carlsbad, California,  I knew I wanted to experience the place of vibrantly colorful and magical flower blooms.

Driving by it, it might have not looked exactly the same, however, my love for nature and flowers won, and there I was blissing among gorgeous flower fields in Carlsbad.

With every step of the way I was immersing myself in the magic and beauty of colorfully gorgeous flower fields overlooking Pacific coast somewhere in the background, and could have easily spend the whole day there, since this is truly one of the places where I lost track of time, wandering and blissing among colorful flower fields.

What else is there to wish for…

Well, may be, to share this experience with someone who loves nature and flowers as much as I do…


First impressions…



Stepping into bliss…

Blissing among gorgeous flower fields in Carlsbad, California

Blissing among gorgeous flower fields in Carlsbad, California

Unique beauty and colors of Ranunculus




And more colors





Bliss is …


Layers of colorfully gorgeous flowers overlooking Pacific coast


Natural bouquet 



And more colors. And more flowers.


Gorgeous Rose garden with Muses/Goddesses




The One





Bliss. Love. Peace.

All opinions and experiences are, as always, my own. 

Globetrotting Girl

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