Greetings from my travels!

By on March 17, 2015

 Greetings from my travels!

Grouse Mountain near Vancouver, BC

Greetings from my travels!

After a couple weeks of traveling, exploring, planning, hiking, biking, boating, skating, tubing … and photographing, writing, taking notes, I decided to check in and say “Hello” to all my present readers and the future ones also!

This time I started my travels in Vancouver, Canada and traveled to Whistler and Victoria, in beautiful British Columbia. So I am writing about gorgeous and interesting places to visit and experience in the area: from the most amazing views of Vancouver and interesting places to experience in the city, exploring beautiful lakes in Whistler, admiring gorgeous nature on a ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island and writing while traveling. To keep updated about new articles, interesting and gorgeous places around the world, join my email list, sign up for RSS feed and follow my official social media sites.

You might have noticed that I created a new official Facebook page for Globetrotting Girl web site and connected it with official page for Everything Around the World project. There is a direct link to these pages on my site: check them out, comment and like. Your positive feedback is always appreciated.

After all my travels, I must say that I really respect and admire travel bloggers who manage to write and post frequently quality posts and beautiful photography during their travels. It does require some effort, passion and, most importantly, dedication. So shout out to all of you doing these incredibly amazing things: writing and blogging about travels and gorgeous places in the world and living what you love. And to all of the readers who genuinely support, comment and encourage every step of the way. Thank you!

As always, for more notes and photos from my travels follow my Instagram account (IG globetrotting_girl), where I post more frequently.


Bliss. LOVE. Peace.

Globetrotting Girl

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