Evolution of style through travel

By on November 22, 2014

Evolution of style through travel

I should, probably, start with this: I am not a fashion blogger, or not yet at least. This is my first blog post that has anything to do with fashion, except a few mentions and gratitude posts to my favorite brands and favorite things here and there.

Clothes and fashion have always represented a way of expressing myself, I just haven’t realized it right away. I think it started from the first time I admired some of my Mom’s dresses and outfits. But my true interest revealed itself when I visited Italy for the first time and many trips after. When I noticed a completely different style of dressing: a little bit of fun, casual and what seemed like effortlessly chic attitude towards fashion. Since then Italy has always been for me an example of quality, elegance, femininity, glamour and beauty of all colors. During my recent trips to Italy (to Milan, Milan region and Rome) last year I paid even more attention to fashion street style, especially in Milan, and admired grace and confidence behind many fashion forward choices of Italian women.

Over the years I gradually started to notice my evolution of style through travel and different cities. The way each city and place manifests its diversity. Different colors, different style, different accessories, different look. The way each city adds something unique to my outlook on style and life itself.

During my recent trip to Miami I saw a dress that wasn’t about Miami, and more about my LOVE My City Project.

This project for me is about showing uniqueness of each city. After all, every city in the world is different. It has its own story, points of interest, characteristics, beauty and colors. Also, for every person each city is different. Just one word can bring out in us a colorful mosaic kaleidoscope of images, memories, stories, people, souvenirs, emotions and feelings.

So this was the dress! The dress that was so simple, that only particular details spoke of what city it was. The details that made the dress what it is. Beautiful self.

A minimalistic white dress with delicately drawn Russian buildings. These delicate details make this dress look casual, elegant, romantic and unique at the same time, at least for me.

After all, fashion is not just about clothes. It gives me an opportunity to be artistic, creative and fun. It gives me an opportunity to express who I am, my essence; show my true authentic self with a magical help of fashion.

I guess, fashion is one of the ways my interest for Art manifests itself. Or, may be, studying Italian language, literature and culture  has helped me personally cultivate a profound admiration and respect for all things beautiful.

Has your style evolved through travel? Does travel inspire and influence you in your every day life? If so, in what way?


Dress: French Connection  / Sandals: BCBGeneration  / Watch: Stuhrling  / Make-up: Lancome and Kiko  / Smile: Authenticity and Bliss

Peace. LOVE. Bliss.

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