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  • Is Education Worth It Nowadays?

    Is Education Worth It Nowadays?

    Is education worth it nowadays? Especially in the world that seems to be more preoccupied with status quo, looks, memes, celebrity and superficial concepts than real accomplishments and achievements. At least recently and this is what it seems like on the surface. Superficial ideas of success and a material component and aspect of it. While […]

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  • And Let There Be Light…

    And Let There Be Light...

    For centuries, and, probably, since the beginning of the Mankind, Sun has been cherished, worshipped, and celebrated as the symbol of Abundance, Generosity, Prosperity, Renaissance, Spirituality, Truth, Love and Life itself. Across the world and its different continents, cultures and civilizations, still evident and visible Today through Art, Architecture, Culture, customs and traditions. Will we […]