Teotihuacan and The City of Gods

Teotihuacan and The City of Gods

I was in Mexico City, the place which completely surprised me with its historic and cultural center and so much affection and romance, deciding where to travel to next. With many interesting, historic and cultural places in the area, Teotihuacan, one of the most important cultural and historic sites in the world, seemed like a great place to be.

And there I was, discovering and exploring its magnificence and beauty.

Teotihuacan, known as the City of Gods, or the place where men became Gods, is considered to be one of the most advanced, mysterious and influential civilizations of all times. Which completely surprises and overwhelms at the same time for many reasons: mystery of its legendary civilization, grandness of its structures and, most importantly, for being so much advanced and ahead of its time.

Besides the belief that this is where the Sun, the Moon and the whole Universe were created, it was one of the most important and remarkable cities in the world at the peak of its existence. It is considered to be the first Mesoamerican city as the result of urban layout and planning usually associated with a city (order, architecture, streets, courtyards, complex underground systems, harmony, etc.), which greatly distinguishes it from the settlements of its time.

Being one of the most ancient, mysterious and influential civilizations, which predated the Maya and the Aztec by centuries, was highly respected by them and one of the reasons it is greatly preserved through the centuries, it is not a surprise that the grand buildings of Teotihuacán are in accordance with celestial movements and significance. Temple of the Sun is considered to be one of the largest ancient structures in the Americas and the world. Although not much is known about its primary purpose, this is a remarkable Temple of a great importance.

Unlike Pyramids around the world, these ones seem to be constructed for other reasons, which definitely puzzles many historians even Today. Being the most advanced civilization of its time…may be, after all it was for astronomic and spiritual reasons… and energy…

…And Divine connection with the Universe… Sun, Moon, Balance and all…

Thankfully, my investment in education finally pays off in the form of my ability to understand passing-by tour guides and travelers in all the languages I know and find many reasons to smile also )) How is this for a superpower?! )) Which did make me think and wonder… How exactly it became the most advanced and influential civilization of its time? And did the people create the Universe, and then became Gods or were they Gods all along in order to create such a magnificent and advanced civilization… And what exactly made them Gods?!… Oh, questions and mysteries… ))

Since not much is known about this particular mysterious, advanced, influential, and may I add, absolutely grand and amazing civilization, this is what I decided to do in order to get the proper feeling and atmosphere of the place… to go for a stroll among the Temples and try to imagine what it is like to be one of those Men and Women who became Gods in a whole new Universe…

So I breathed in deeply and took my first steps towards the Temple of the Sun…


Teotihuacan, known as the City of Gods, is considered to be one of the most advanced, mysterious and influential civilizations of its time. And there is no wonder why, when you are actually here…

 It greatly distinguishes from the settlements of its time, and even from the settlements many centuries after… look at the planning, and structures, and very elaborate and impressive details on temples

Teotihuacan and The City of Gods

Did I mention this is the first Mesoamerican city? Which means: city layout, architecture, streets, courtyards, order, even harmony… 

Я на солнышке лежу, Я на солнышко гляжу…🎶 lol

And here it is… Temple of the Sun, one of the largest ancient structures built in the Americas and the world. And just a couple of hours from here, there is a Great Pyramid of Cholula, or the largest pyramid in the world and the largest monument ever constructed, by any civilization, ever (!), at least so far…

Yes, in Mexico! Who actually knew it? And how impressive is this?! ))

Teotihuacan and The City of Gods

Seriously, how did they do it?! Gods, indeed… Lol

Up, up, up, up, up, up…

Teotihuacan and The City of Gods

Feeling at Home already… and seems like it was made for me… ))

Teotihuacan and The City of Gods

Once I explored Teotihuacan, some of its structures, temples and elaborate details, took plenty of pictures, walked through the valley (yep, the valley the valley…), although mine was mostly fun, singing Я на солнышке лежу, Я на солнышко гляжу…🎶)), listened to the passing-by tour guides and travelers speaking different languages, tried to guess their words and meanings, even found many reasons to smile along the way and then climbed all those stairs to get to the very top…

If this place was not already impressive and majestic enough, which definitely was for me (!), it was even more impressive and even more majestic from here…

There they were… Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon… Life and Balance of it all

How do I know I have a great connection with the place?

This is what being there for each other means ))


Do you know where the Universe, Sun and Moon were created? Where the City of Gods is and the place of the most advanced, influential and mysterious civilization of its time?


All opinions and experiences are, as always, my own.

Liberty, Peace, Love, Bliss…


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