Vacation Paradise Lembongan Island near Bali

With a short ferry ride away, Nusa Lembongan, or Lembongan island, is a picture-perfect paradise island off the coast of Bali. Plus, it is a part of Nusa islands archipelago, known as “Nusa islands”, and can be easily explored within a few days, or, may be, a week, while some travelers even choose it as their honeymoon and vacation destination.

Whether it is a longer stay or just a fun day trip from Sanur area of Bali, Lembongan has lots to offer in terms of panoramic coastline scenery, bright colors of the sky and calm sea, beautiful flowers and picturesque nature, or just a leisurely and laidback getaway vacation at the beach.

Boats are a local mode of transportation, and can be seen in unloading and many other areas across the island, bringing with them many travelers, suitcases, yoga mats and necessary supplies for island vacations and “staycations”. However, if you walk further enough from the “arrival area”, there is plenty of beautiful coastline to share with other travelers for swimming and soaking up the sun, or even napping and lounging around.

No matter your previous packing experience, remember to pack light for far far away island getaways: summer dresses, bikinis, swimming suits, sarongs, shorts and sunscreen, and all kinds of necessary first aid items, which can be hard to find on some vacation islands.

With an abundance of cute and cosy cafes, restaurants, diving schools, charming home stays, hotels and rentals, this vacation island paradise does seem like a perfect place to relax and chill for awhile.

What’s your favorite vacation island trip or a day trip near Bali?


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