Blissing among beautiful flowers in Carlsbad

What place would please and cheer up any woman on International Women’s Day or any special occasion for that matter?

Travel is not only about discovering new lands and rediscovering favorite places and cities, it is also about experiencing nature and it’s beauty. When I heard about flower fields in Carlsbad, California, and with only a few minutes away by car, I knew I wanted to experience the place of vibrantly colorful and magical flower blooms.

Perfect weather, all kinds of colorful flowers in full bloom, from bright ranunculus fields to a charming rose garden, among poinsettias, sunflowers and many other flowers!, no wonder of all interesting sights in the area, this is the place to be.

Driving by it, it might not have looked exactly the same as “google pictures”, however, with every step I liked it even more as I was immersing myself in the beauty of flowers overlooking the Pacific Ocean somewhere in the background.

This is a seasonal attraction: open to public from March to June, this place surprises in more ways possible. Plus, it is a great place if you want to take photos and need a beautiful background amid natural surroundings for yourself and all those special occasions in between (from casual dates, birthdays, outings with friends, engagements to family portraits).

And if you get tired of walking and posing amid colorful flower fields and gardens, nowadays they even have live music bands to cheer up even the most picky visitors. And wagon rides to enjoy a relaxing tour with kids. Add pizza made from scratch, a food truck, ice cream, popcorn, even a picnic area! and you got yourself a perfect day out or a date with your loved ones …

… all while blissing among beautiful flowers and enjoying bright colors of nature overlooking the Pacific Ocean somewhere in Carlsbad.

I could have easily spend the whole day here, since this is truly one of the places where you could lose track of time wandering around colorful flower fields and gardens of flowers. What else is there to wish for? May be, to share this experience with someone who loves nature and flowers as much as you do.

And this is where flower bliss begins…

Among many layers…

Blissing among gorgeous flowers in Carlsbad

 of colorful Ranunculus flowers 

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…

What color do you like more? )

Pink might not be my favorite color, however, there is something interesting about a combination of pink-purplish hues 

And combinations of flower bouquets, and their different shapes and sizes

Time definitely slows by around here…

There is even a charming rose garden 

Where you can pick a Muse to your liking )

And many varieties of colorful roses

to marvel at and enjoy

During a blissful day among Carlsbad Flower Fields 

Greetings from Calsbad, California!


Enjoy your travels,



For traveler related information and planning visit official The Flower Fields web site

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